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Why a Debt Settlement is Likely Your Best Option to Eliminate your Debt

In many cases, individuals are affected by multiple streams of debt from a variety of creditors. By taking out credit lines and applying for direct loans, many people are simply unable to keep up with their finances and are thrown into an endless spiral of debt.

Debt basically nullifies your credit and it can eat away at your existing finances. With growing interest rates, sometimes paying off your debt can seem impossible. However, there are a variety of debt relief resources to help you get out from under that debt. But you can’t do it on your own. You need Americor to help you.


Debt Relief Resources are Flexible and Negotiable

In most cases, it’s not attractive to pay creditors a lump sum to eliminate debt. Some people would rather take out a consolidation loan to reduce their monthly debt payments. This is a good strategy for some people, but it isn’t entirely effective. Even with a consolidation loan, you are stuck with paying your debt off for the foreseeable future.

Conversely, debt settlement offers an immediate solution. Here is how:

  • Debt settlement plans are geared to reducing your debt principal. This way, your debt becomes easier to pay off.
  • Debt settlement letters highlight your inability to pay off your debt, and most creditors will understand and agree to a settlement. After all, they’d rather get something if you’re facing bankruptcy soon.
  • The lump sum you are required to pay can be negotiated into monthly installments. Once these are paid, your creditor will agree to settle and you can move on with your life.

Debt settlement is one of the best ways to put a stop to your growing debt. In as little as 48 months, you can potentially settle with all of your creditors and live a debt free life.


Budget Planning Resources

Maybe debt relief isn’t necessary just yet. Maybe you just need better control of your finances. How can you stop accumulating debt, put away enough to reduce the debt you have, and start living within your means from now on? Budget planning resources can help you with that. A budgeting expert can look at your finances and help you develop a plan for your paycheck.


Americor Has a Variety of Financial Planning Resources to Help You

Are you experiencing a colossal debt crisis? Americor Financial Services is an accredited debt relief company with the tools and financial planning resources to help you expunge your existing debt. Give us a call today to see how we can better assist you.