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Bankruptcy, or simply the condition in which an individual is unable to compensate their debtors, is a common occurrence in America. From 1980 to 2005, more than two million bankruptcy cases have been filed by debtors across the country. In many cases, bankruptcy is not a matter of reckless spending, but it is a definite matter of financial hardship for many people who simply cannot afford to deal with sudden unexpectancies such as job loss and costly medical bills.

Bankruptcy Help

Truth be told, many financial experts will discourage filing for bankruptcy to escape your debt. Nonetheless, in the event that this becomes a reality, Americor will be able to help relieve your debt. Here is some vital information to help you get more affiliated with the current bankruptcy laws and how we can assist you in obtaining a fresh debt-free start with our bankruptcy help.

The United States Bankruptcy Law is on Your Side

Surprisingly, bankruptcy is an essential fabric in the United States Constitution. The American founders were fixated on creating a system in which individuals burdened with a massive debt could relieve themselves and build a fresh start. According to the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, here are the many ways people can choose to file bankruptcy.

  • Liquidation – This is the basic chapter of bankruptcy. In this process, the court will assign a trustee to oversee the liquidation of all of your assets to pay your debtors. Though, this doesn’t necessarily pertain to your vital possessions, such as your primary residence or vehicle.
  • Adjustment of Debts – For those who don’t apply to liquidation due to income constraints, this process entails paying off your debtors within three to five years, using your regular income and other assets.
  • Reorganization – In this process, debtors are mandated by the court to submit a plan to reorganize their finances to pay back creditors in 120 days. This chapter allows individuals to pay back their debt and afford their living expenses.

As you can see, there are options for you if you plan to file bankruptcy. We are your partners in providing bankruptcy help when your back is against the wall.

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When you are ready to tackle your debt and control your financial future, contact the Americor experts to find out which method is best for you. Don’t waste any more time contemplating your future. Call us today for immediate bankruptcy assistance.