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5 Easy Steps to Get You Back on Financial Track.

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Enter Your Contact Information

Let’s get started! Simply enter your contact information below to Apply Now. We’ll need your Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address, State & an estimate of how much debt you’d like our help with.

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Let’s Talk

We understand that you have questions regarding your debt and how we can help. Expect a call from us to discuss your options.

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Easily Apply for Instant Approval

A. We’ll help you complete your application, review your eligible debts and e-sign your enrollment docs.

B. Receive instant approval for our Conditional Line of Credit at a low 0% APR for 12 months. We do this to help you maintain the best possible credit score during this process.

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We’ll Negotiate Your Debt

Once approved you’ll be assigned a negotiator that will diligently work on all your enrolled debts. Settlements generally are negotiated between 50% – 60% of the original balance, depending on your creditor, amount owed and delinquency. On average a $10,000 debt will be negotiated down to approximately $5,000.

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One Loan Payment

Find yourself debt free, with only a single payment on your line of Credit at a much lower rate.

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By clicking 'Submit' you authorize AmericorFunding to contact you by phone, text, email, mail, or by artificial or pre-recorded voice, even if you have listed yourself on any Do-Not-Call List. You also agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If you do not consent to receive automated calls or text messages, please call (949)334-9181 to continue your application. I understand that consent is not a condition of purchase.

The Americor Conditional Line Of Credit

Your Loan Amount
Your loan amount will be calculated on the remaining negotiated amount of your debt, plus any settlement program fees due.
In most cases, your Line of Credit monthly payment will continue to be the same as your debt resolution program.
Interest Rate
0 APR for the first 12 months. No pre-payment penalty fee! No origination fee!

*Subject to loan terms and conditions

Line of Credit
Based on your credit score at the time of enrollment, your Line of Credit will be available to use after 15 or 24 months.
Your Line of Credit will be used to negotiate settlements and pay off your remaining debt all at once, leaving you with just one small loan payment.
Credit Report
We’ll report your Line of Credit payment history back to the credit bureaus to help re-establish your good credit.



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